In Abstraction

by In Abstraction

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Recorded between May-July of 2015


released November 21, 2015

Artwork by Jason Beaulieu
Recorded by Luc Ogilvie
Produced by Scott Beaulieu



all rights reserved


In Abstraction Moncton, New Brunswick

A collection of sounds arranged in any time, anywhere, for no reason at all.


Scott Beaulieu • Guitar / Vocals
Sam Gagnon •
Jesse Jomphe •
J-M Lanteigne •
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Track Name: The Waking Dream
A voice called from nowhere and waited for
Reply with all patience and grace ignored
There was confusion in his brain
Said he forgot his name
The sun must have burned out his corneas
His focus was drifting from daze to dreams
Then he turned without warning
He pointed at me and said
You too shall see

The words crawled around in my head all day
I shivered each time that I heard them replayed
It was the eyes that pierced through mine
Won't fade away in time
The noise was incessant it shook me up
I scratched at my ears just to make it stop
Then collapsed in a corner
In total disorder I fell into horror

The answer came to me revealed itself within my dream
A flood of blinding light and then I could no longer see
These eyes burn
Bereft of all your rage
You'll take your place inside a cage
Track Name: Zig Zag
Do you remember, has it gone away?
In the moments between when your mind's running
Racing astray
In the zig zag of our lives
It's amazing anyone survives
Long enough to see the sunrise
Track Name: Lost Mind
Sinking deeper in this warm familiar place
Finding solace in all that you wish to erase
Here at last where the skin crawling finally dies
For an instant you claim the prize
Giving into temptation again
Because you're too weak to defend
Sooner or later the need for another
Pulls you under

Sinking deeper in this warm familiar place
Finding solace in all that you wish to erase
Always a slave to the killer on which you rely
Try as you might but it just won't die

All I need is all I no longer recieve
Has no effect anymore
Track Name: Blacktop
Feeling most alive under clear night sky
When the air is clear well it's here I feel the sharpest
There's a place I'd rather be I think you'd like to see
We could run and hide
We could ride away unnoticed

Feeling most alive under clear night sky
When I reach top speed I won't need to heed your warning
There's a place I'd rather be I'm sure you'll like to see
We could run all night
We could rest in the light of morning

To escape society
I'll be the first to leave
If we want to survive
We better
Run, hide

Accelerate away, I'm going I can't stay
Run, hide
Track Name: Solstice
Never care to look back as we all fly past
Every milestone in life on the sharp edge of a knife
Watch yourself grow old and tiring
Your will is fading
Those not busy being born are busy dying
Track Name: Four AM
Four AM and wide awake
Counting sheep but still I can't sleep
Barely aware, can't help but stare
Trying to decide if the walls are grey or white
I can't say that I'm enjoying my stay
In this state of decay
Waiting, wasting away

Just waiting for the day that I walk up to the gate
Push until my palms run with blood
Waiting, wasting away

Numb, stoned haze, hypnotized
Dumb, scared, I am medicated, Isolated
Freedom is a mystery, hopeless distant memory
While the world around is turning
I am here in stasis yearning
For my escape
Make no mistake
When these shackles are torn away
I will be king
I'll be keeping busy living
So then someone else can kiss the fucking ring
Track Name: The Muse
Catch the Muse when it rears its head
See it rising and falling again
There's an illusion of restraint
Deciding my fate
Leaves me broken and seeking the answer
As the barriers walls growing stronger
I won't be able to explain my vision today

Chasing but never reaching through
I am searching for you
Seems that the well is running dry
Maybe it just won't fly

I am controlled by fear
Far away but it feels so near
You're the stranger
I'm the wanderer

I see no change
Trapped in the haze
Top of the page
Erase it all now
Start over again

I feel like I'm under duress
Got put discomfort to rest
Get this weight up off my chest
Too far to back down now
You can see where the light emanates
Just let yourself be taken in

Out comes the Muse again
While I'm asleep in bed
I spring away I'm seeing red

Out comes the Muse again
My unreliable friend
to help me see this to the end